Congratulations to Irina Giri, Keepa Maskey and Sonam Choekyi Lama! Photo Kathmandu commissions their work “Islands of our Bodies” for the coming edition of the festival.

This multi-media project is an inquiry into the body of women. The artists are exploring the implications of dealing with the body through abstraction, fantasy, and the reality of the physical body. How can bodies and their stories connect us? How can they disconnect us? What can be revealed that has not been revealed before? Such questions will be the basis of our journey into understanding the inner life of bodies themselves.

Sonam Choekyi Lama is an aspiring storyteller from the mountainous region of Dolpo. Sonam is currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies at Kathmandu University School of Arts. The need to create and the passion to relate with people is what inspires Sonam to choose photography for the last two years. She has been documenting stories from the arid landscape of mountains to the canopy of art existence in Kathmandu.

Irina Giri is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. She attained a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Culture and Performance Studies from Simon Fraser University while exploring filmmaking at the same time. She enjoys experimenting with sound, video, music, and text.

Keepa Maskey finished her education from Marymount Manhattan College, NY in 1997. Her grandfather, Krishna Bahadur Chitrakar was an artist, who she would watch prepare panels of work for national events, as a child. But, it is her paternal grandmother, Nani Maiya Maskey, who has influenced her throughout her creative journey; a stern character with immaculate manual skills. Perhaps, that also explains Keepa’s prolific works on textile, which she feels is inherent to her. As her practice matured​​ and diversified, she finds herself connecting to performance art. Keepa Maskey is currently based in Kathmandu.