This two-part exhibition traces the journey of two men – father and son – both men from Limbuwan who travel far from their ancestral hills of Panchther, in the eastern hills of Nepal, to the heartland of Nepali politics and to far away places around the world. It is a story of two men who mark time in one long passage, as they journey forward seeking occupation and dreams.

In the first part, Toronto based Nepali photographer Surendra Lawoti pays tribute to his father Padma Sunder Lawoti, whom he lost earlier this year. Padma Sunder Lawoti was born in Quetta in Baluchistan province of present day Pakistan. His grandfather served as a Captain in the Gurkha forces there. After losing his father as a young boy, he grew up in his maternal home in the hills of Therthum and later lived in Dharan and Kathmandu to study. After completing his SLC, Lawoti moved back to Panchther where be began his political career by establishing the first post office in his village Yashok. As he rose in professional stature, Lawoti found himself back in Kathmandu at the heart of the Panchayat power structure. He served as minister 12 times. A man of strong convictions and steadfast political views, he was active in politics until his very last day.

In the second part, Surendra Lawoti documents life in the Nepali Diaspora in the US which he was part of. Lawoti’s own journey has taken him to cities like Chicago and Boston and Toronto. The series featured here show us in subtle ways, the immigrant experience of life in the US. Surendra Lawoti, the son, also a man from Limbuwan, now resides in Toronto, Canada.