Vincent Gréby presents a series of portraits, all taken in Kathmandu in 2014. They are a testimony to those who aren’t living mainstream lives. The show is based on several months of investigation and research on the life in a “raksi bar” (an informal place to buy cheap booze and snacks). By means of a straight look, each portrait expresses the daily struggles with joy and fear.

As a counterpoint to these sharp encounters, some ‘digital photographic paintings’ propose a breath of fresh air. Color and shape resolve the violence, singing a poem of light. This enables the audience to share common values of being human such as dignity, beauty, and hope.

Furthermore, the use of flex print offers an interrogation into how to present photographic work.

A similar exhibition took place in Battambang, Cambodia at the Make Maek Gallery in 2014. A series of Cambodian and Nepali streetworker portraits were hung face to face in a confrontation suggesting equitable identities.

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vincentgrebyVincent Gréby, born in 1970, has published two books on Nepal. ‘Le nouveau Nepal ou le pari d’une utopie’ is an essay about the Nepali revolution and was published in France by “l’Harmatthan”. ‘L’affaire des 16 piliers’ is a short detective story which takes place in Kathmandu and was published in Nepal by “Vajra Publication”. Vincent Greby has been studying painting as a painter assistant at the Korean art studio “Sonamu” in France. His work embraces painting, photography, and writing. He has exhibited his work mainly in France, Cambodia, and of course Nepal. He lives and works in Paris.